What is a healthy smile?Take a look at this photograph of Dr. Cassidy recently taken with his 3 children. Emily, 18, on the left, Dr. Cassidy in the green jacket, Trudy, 15 and Robin on the right, aged 20.

None of his 3 children have a single cavity between them, no decay present, no fillings required! That’s because they have had the benefit of preventive dental care since the first tooth arrived around 6 months of age. Tooth decay is entirely preventable, and this is what Dr. Cassidy offers to all of his patients. When you first meet him, you may well have decay present which he will treat for you, restore the tooth and set you up on a preventive programme to help you remain free of any new decay from that day onwards.

Your children can also benefit from preventive dental care which is very child friendly and does not require injections or drilling…which would you rather have for you and your own children???

The other very common dental problem is gum disease: gingivitis and periodontitis, both characterised by bleeding from the gums and bad breath. Dr. Cassidy can treat these problems and establish healthy gums, clear up the bleeding and cure any bad breath issues to get your mouth fresh, clean, and healthy, starting on day one!

If you are not happy with the appearance of your teeth, there is much that can be done to get you the smile you’ve probably always wanted! All you need to do is ask him!