dentistry-53At what age should you take your child to see Dr Cassidy? As soon as the first tooth arrives in the mouth, usually about 6 months of age. This is so that good habits for healthy teeth and gums can be established, in terms of diet, oral hygiene and preventive advice. As your child grows up, other preventive measures are set up, including fluoride treatment and fissure sealants. Sometimes children don’t get taken to their dentist until they develop a problem which causes pain, and they come along perhaps with several badly decayed teeth. If multiple extractions as required, a general anaesthetic may be required, in which case Dr Cassidy can arrange to do this treatment himself at Jersey General Hospital where he has access to the Operating Theatre to carry out the necessary treatment. A trained anaesthetist will safely deliver the anaesthetic, and Dr Cassidy will carry out whatever treatment is required. Thereafter, your child can receive child friendly preventive dental care from Dr Cassidy back in the dental practice.