Dr. Cassidy is frequently invited to give educational lectures to other dentists around the UK and has given these lectures in practically every major city in the UK as well as many smaller towns around the country.

Mike is very proud of his educational style which is easy going, friendly and informative. He is particularly proud of his international reputation where he continues to give lectures on an annual basis. The countries where he has run postgraduate courses and lectures over the years include the following.

  • USA: Kansas City
  • Northern Ireland: Belfast, Dungannon
  • Lebanon: Beirut, Tripoli
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
  • Pakistan: Karachi
  • France: Lille, Les Arcs, Paris
  • Spain: Madrid, Majorca
  • Gibraltar:
  • Ireland: Dublin, Limerick
  • Jordan: Amman, Irbid
  • Oman: Muscat
  • India: New Delhi, Madras, Bombay
  • Croatia: Dubrovnik
  • Belgium: Bruges
  • Russia: St Petersburg
  • Libya: Tripoli


Dr. Mike Cassidy (centre) is presented with an award following his lecture to a dental conference in Amman, Jordan, July 2011.

Left to right: Professor Ahed El Wahadni, Vice President of Jordan University, Professor Elman, Dean, Jordan Dental School, Dr Mike Cassidy, Professor Abdullah, President of Jordan University Dental School, Professor Sabah Kalamchi, University of Arizona Dental School, USA.