mike-cassidyDr. Mike Cassidy RD, BDS, MSc, FDS, FFD, DRD, RCS

Are the qualifications of your dentist important to you? Dr. Cassidy is very highly qualified and trained to a Specialist level.

Do you want a technically skilled dentist who is warm, gentle, and takes a genuine interest in you as a person?

Dr. Cassidy knows how to make you feel very much at ease, even if you have had bad experiences in the past. He is dedicated to gentle care, provided smoothly and comfortable as he would want for himself and his family. One of his proudest skills in the ability to place local anaesthesia in a unique “ouch-less” manner. Most of his patients quickly become good friends and enjoy the relaxed, comfortable and modern office atmosphere, where first names are the norm. How many people can say they have their dentists’ personal mobile phone number? Once a patient, you’ll have Mike’s mobile number – so that in an emergency, out of hours you can get advice right away. You will find he gives you an extraordinary level of care and personal attention.

Are some of your dental needs more challenging and complex than routine scaling and fillings?

Dr. Cassidy knows how to deal with your dental problem whether it’s simple and straight forward or very complex. He spends half of his time each day working as a Consultant at Jersey General Hospital Dental Department and the other half in private practice at Broad Street Dental Care in St Helier, Jersey.

He has over 30 years of experience in Dentistry, and can help you with a wide range of dental problems from cosmetic improvements of your smile, replacing missing teeth with implants, bridges or comfortable dentures, root canal treatments, treating gum diseases and aesthetic/cosmetic improvements.

Many of Mike’s patients are dentist themselves, who fly into Jersey from UK and abroad to have their dental treatment carried out by him.

As well as taking care of your dental needs, Mike’s favorite professional activity is making ugly teeth look beautiful, and he likes to see his patients walking out of the practice looking better than when they walked in!!

Is it important that your dentist is up to date which recent advances in dental/medical science?

Dr. Cassidy keeps himself up to date by regular reading of the scientific literature and attending specialist dental society meetings in the UK, USA, Europe and beyond. He is also in big demand as a lecturer, providing continuous education for other dentists at conferences in the UK and around the world. (See Lectures for more information)

Mike’s Philosophy of Care

It is Mike’s firmly held belief that everybody is entitled to a nice, attractive smile, irrespective of age.

Beauty is not only for the young, every decade has its dignity, every age is entitled to a nice smile, free of pain, nice and healthy!

The teeth and smile must be in harmony with the face.

Comfortable chewing aids digestion and is especially important as we grow older.

Recent research has demonstrated that there is a link between poor dental health and other disease states like coronary heart disease and diabetes, and Mike is particularly keen to help you establish healthy teeth and gums, and thus minimise the risk of other diseases.