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mike-cassidyDr Mike Cassidy is not an ordinary dentist, (see qualifications) he is Consultant at Jersey General Hospital and is a specialist in Restorative Dentistry and a specialist in Periodontics recognised by the General Dental Council of Great Britain.

As part of his job as Consultant at Jersey General Hospital, he advises the Government of Jersey about dental health matters for the local people. He is also the Postgraduate Tutor who organises continuing education courses for all dental practice staff in Jersey.

If your dental problem is a simple matter, he will be very happy to help. If your problem is more complex, then that is where Mike excels, in fact he is particularly skilful in helping patients who have difficult problems that other dentists either struggle with or are unable to deal with, and often such patients will be referred to Mike.

During the initial consultation in a relaxing, non-clinical environment of a comfortable office, he will ask questions about your dental problem as you see it, what troubles you most, any concerns or anxieties you may have and what you would like to achieve. There will usually be several options for treatment which Mike will explain to you, using photographs to show examples of similar problems he has treated in other patients in the past to help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option. This will help you to decide which of the options suits you best, then he will draw up a plan to help you to get to where you want to be in terms of your dental health.

Mike qualified in 1978 and since then he has spent most of his working week in hospital dental departments (see hospital experience) as well as in private practice and so he has many years of experience in treating patients who have complex medical problems as well as patients who enjoy good health.

Probably most people are anxious about the act of receiving dental treatment, and one of Mike’s proudest achievements is the ability to place local anaesthetic in a completely painless way. Indeed, many of his patients are themselves dentists and doctors who compliment him on his careful, gentle, painless techniques!

Treatments listed below include dental implants and teeth whitening for that top class quality smile. Cosmetic dental treatments and specialist remedial dental treatments are also offered to patients in St Heliers, Jersey.

"I am easily satisfied with the very best." ― Winston S. Churchill

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